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About Our Company

CLEANTECH MANAGEMENT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is a company that provides most comprehensive total FACILITY MANAGEMENT solution to almost all needs and problems related to Facility Management service under one roof. We are an ISO 9001:2008 company since 2007, covering major categories of Services. We offer services which cater to all kinds of requirements be it Corporate, Industries, Hotels, Resorts, Commercial Buildings, Institutions, Malls, Health Care and Other small & large businesses.

Reputed experts back CLEANTECH from various spheres with exemplary accomplishments in their field. Professional who has rich experience in this industry heads the company. The management team has many years of experience in different aspects related to the Facility Management services. Our expertise lies in implementing and executing related projects right from the time of commissioning.


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World Class Service

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  • Provide single source Facility Management Solutions
  • Offers 24 X 7 Service
  • Helps you to Concentrate in you Core Business
  • Deliver most cost effective solutions
  • Expert Advice at no extra cost
  • Reduces manpower requirements
  • Gives you a total Peace of Mind

For any requirement please send your quaries to and We will provide you the best solution.

Feathers To Our Crown

Quality Policy
  • Our deep understanding of the subject, wealth of knowledge and commitment to our customers, our willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously makes us an exceptional service provider.
  • We believe to succeed requires the highest level of integrity and moral values towards our employees, clients and the society in which we live.
  • This CLEANTECH MANAGEMENT SERVICES road to continue our profitable growth for our business and value creation for our employees and clients.
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CLEANTECH MANAGEMENT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to consistently improve upon our effectiveness and efficiency through implementation of the world class 3 S Model of Excellence.

In sync with the above, the organization is structured according to our expertise the major areas of Facility Management Services. The organization has three Branches managed as independent profit centers.

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We are specialised in providing the services as -



CLEANTECH MANAGEMENT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is the first Company in Eastern India to develop the concept of Mechanized Cleaning Service. We work closely with our Business Partners to deliver world class House Keeping services at most competitive price. We strive to ensure that highest Hygiene & Cleaning standards are maintained at all our sites. This in turn ensures healthy working environment and improves productivity.


As Plumbing, Carpentry & related maintenance job is a regular & important part of Facility Management Service we have a specialized department which deals with such requirement of our customers. We undertake AMC for the above services and ensure that the customer's requirements and expectations are fulfilled.

  • Marble Floor Restoration & Maintenance
  • Wooden Floor Restoration & Maintenance
  • Carpet Dry Foam Shampooing & Maintenance

In our effort to provide prompt response and excellent technical support, we are a Single Point Solution provider for all Floor Care requirements. From Marble, Wooden floors, Carpets to any other flooring CLEANTECH has core competency to solve the most critical customer requirement.

Marble Floor Restoration & Maintenance
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To remove mild scratches & polish marble floor to high gloss we use Diamond Grinding pads/ Honing pads. This equipped with a Single disc machine removes mild scratches and creates a rich High Gloss. This Gloss will be further enhanced by use of Taski Nobile, which is called crystallization. For this above job we use Single Disc machine with accessories. Heavy Duty Industrial wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner with wet accessories, wet, damp & dry mopping system along with Taski Nobile and all other Floor Care product. Our trained floor care team is deployed round the clock & is responsible for the quality of the job on day-to-day basis.

Wooden Floor Restoration & Maintenance
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With the modern innovation in interior designing the concept of Wooden flooring is gaining importance with every passing day. There is a whole variety of such flooring starting from Natural Wood to Laminated flooring. The main hurdle is in the maintenance of such flooring. This requires special knowledge & efficient execution.
With our long experience and successful execution we are confident of solving the most critical customer requirement.

Carpet Dry Foam Shampooing/Deep cleaning of Carpets & Maintenance
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  • Dry Foam Shampooing using Imported Industrial Dry Foam Generator machine for High/Medium Soiled Carpets.
  • Dry Foam Shampooing of Sofas.
  • Dry Foam Shampooing of Chair with Cushion.
  • Deep cleaning of Carpets using Imported Industrial Injection & extraction machine for High/Medium Soiled Carpet.
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With the revolution in modern Engineering & Architecture there is a complete change in the exterior fo all major modern buildings. The external facade of all the buildings are changing from the conventional paintings to Glass & Metallic facade. The concept & technoloigy is developing in leaps & bounds. The greatest Challenge here is the maintenance. At any point of time it is required to ensure that the surface is spotlessly clean.

This is where CLEANTECH plays an improtant role in the maintenance process. We have a team of highly trained professionals with long experience in the execution of such jobs. Starting from the use of Rope Access / Spiderman System to the latest Cradle operation we are equipped to execute any External Facade maintenance job.

Highest Safety Standard Required

We use the latest descending system with double safety backup. The best international company in the trade manufactures the equipments used for the execution of the job. We undertake total responsibility towards the safety of the workers deployed for the execution of the job. All our employees are covered under E.S.I & P.F. scheme, which is mandatory. They are also covered under Personal Accident Insurance Scheme from National Insurance Company.

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Industrial Pest Control Service is another growing field where CLEANTECH MANAGEMENT has important projects to its credit. The applications require considerable domain knowledge and related technical know-how. CLEANTECH in partnership with world's leading organization in manufacture of pest control chemicals promise to deliver the best quality services to its Business Partners.

Pest Control
Scope of Work Schedule
1. Preventive Maintainance : Service on weekends and on holidays on a set date. Office must be closed for a minimum of two hours after pest control Once every month
2. AMC Coverage : Cockroaches, Mice, Ants, Spiders etc. Once every week
3. Servicing schedule Once every month/as per requirement
4. Response Time 2/3 Hours
Rodent Control

Rodents comprising of mice, rats, bandicoots are omnipresent creature capable of creating havoc anywhere. Starting from Corporate, Industries, Hotels, Resorts, Commercial Buildings, Institutions, Malls, Health Care to Shipping & Airways you will find them everywhere. They are prolific breeeders and from a single pair they can multiply to 600 in a year with favorable conditions. They not omly damage the property & disrupt communication; they are also the carrier of more than 30 dreaded diseases.

It is very important to keep any property free from Rodents for the safety of the occupants & also to safeguard the loss to the property. In our Pest Control package we give special attention to this problem. With our expertise we work hand to hand with our customer to solve this problem.



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Who We Serve

We have over 100 satisfied customers across number of Segments including Manufacturing Industry, Hotels & Restaurants, FMCG, Corporate, Pharmaceuticals, Commercial Buildings, Office Complex and many more. Given below as a representative list of our customers from different segments.

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Our Message

In keeping with our commitment of being a total Facility Management Solution Provider, we have developed a very strong & dependable service network across Eastern India. For our customer convenience we have a 24-hr service help-line to ensure round-the-clock attention. Our service team consists of well-trained Operatives & Supervisors who are competent to deliver excellent service. They are further backed by the Operational Managers. To ensure that our customers get the best quality services we have Quality Control & Audit Department.

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